Moo Moo’s Signature – Moo Moo’s Story Part II

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It’s Saturday and we have some new Moo Moo’s Signatures polishes to droole over. Yay for us! :)

When I first saw these 4 polishes, I was very happy and terrified at the same time. The two darkes shades are simply phenomenal, the white one is like a dream and the red one, well….the red one is everything I don’t like in a polish: it’s red, jelly and has giant glitters. So yeah, I was really terrified of it. :) But let’s start in the beginning.

The Unwanted Visitor

the_unwanted_visitor_small_7 the_unwanted_visitor_small_8

The Unwanted Visitor is yet another brown polish on the indie market. However you can’t find this brown elsewhere, since it has red, gold and khaki glitters and tiny flakes and holo shimmer. I think it’s beautiful, it’s my favourite brown so far. It covers with two easy coats.

the_unwanted_visitor_small_1 the_unwanted_visitor_small_2 the_unwanted_visitor_small_3 the_unwanted_visitor_small_4 the_unwanted_visitor_small_5 the_unwanted_visitor_small_6


pum_oo_pkin_small_7 pum_oo_pkin_small_8

I tend to overuse khakis and olive greens when fall arrives, so Pum-oo-pkin is really my kinf of colour. It has a gold sheen, gold and orange glitters, flakes and holo shimmer and it still isn’t tacky or too much. I can’t wait to have time to reapply it with some stamping. *_*

pum_oo_pkin_small_1 pum_oo_pkin_small_2 pum_oo_pkin_small_3 pum_oo_pkin_small_4 pum_oo_pkin_small_5 pum_oo_pkin_small_6

Ancient Spellbook

ancient_spellbook_small_6 ancient_spellbook_small_7

Ancient Spellbook….I mean, even its name is a winner! <3 And it is also gorgeous: white with some holo microflakes and orange/pink iridescent mini circles. *_* The tiny circles’ iridescence is 100% visible on the nails too, it’s just impossible to capture on a photo. It’s a 3-4 coater, but it’s worth every minute applying it. :)

ancient_spellbook_small_1 ancient_spellbook_small_2 ancient_spellbook_small_3 ancient_spellbook_small_4 ancient_spellbook_small_5 ancient_spellbook_small_8

Moo Magic in a Pot

moo_magic_in_a_pot_small_7 moo_magic_in_a_pot_small_8

I almost never swear, but I have to confess that I did, when I first saw this polish. :D Let’s see why Moo Magic in a Pot was so horrifying for me in the beginning. :)

So it has regular glitters, various sized circles, rombuses, stars and giant flowers. And they are in a red jelly base. Applying wasn’t the easiest, I had to fish out the glitters, but MeiMei assured me that those batches that you can purchase alreayd contain even more glitters. :) I’m not sure if I will ever repply it, but I sure had tons of fun playing around with it.

moo_magic_in_a_pot_small_1 moo_magic_in_a_pot_small_2 moo_magic_in_a_pot_small_3 moo_magic_in_a_pot_small_4 moo_magic_in_a_pot_small_5 moo_magic_in_a_pot_small_6

So I still love Moo Moo polishes for the same reason: they’re never boring, they’re very unusal and special, they always surprise me in a good way. I even enjoy swatching those that are not meant for me. :)

You can order them from the Moo Moo webshop, I’m sure I’ll need a Yeti Moo asap. :D

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