F.U.N. Lacquer – New Year 2016 Collection

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As we started this season with the F. U. N. Lacquer Holiday polishes back in October, now let’s start to prepare to 2016 with their New Year 2016 Collection. We have 6 shades that – going with the theme – sparkle like crazy. I applied 5 out of the 6 in two coats and I used the 6th one as a glitter top coat. They have a decent formula, only The Art Of Sparkle (H) was kind of tricky to apply. The removal was a little bit time consuming though, thanks to the stubborn, but gorgeous glitters.

Fashion Show


As its name suggests Fashion Show is a pretty edgy shade. It’s a muted dark blue with a purple sheen and the famous and uncomperable F.U.N. Lacquer holo glitters. I can’t help but fall for these tiny lanterns every single time. *_*

_MG_8260 _MG_8263 _MG_8265 _MG_8269 _MG_8271

Happy Ending


I’m glad that this collection doesn’t only focus on sparkle, but we have colours too, like Happy Ending – mostly because this purple-blue is such a unique shade (even though if it’s not really my cup of tea). And the glitters are gorgeous in this one too.

_MG_8279 _MG_8287 _MG_8290 _MG_8296 _MG_8300



Glory reminds me so bad about Cheers To The Holidays (H), that I had to check several times that I didn’t swatch the same polish too times. Glory however is a little more on the purple side, but that’s the only deifference I could find.

_MG_8312 _MG_8315 _MG_8319 _MG_8328



Superstar is a big favourite of mine, I’m  seriously in love with it. Truth to be told, I was swatching these shades back during the indian summer of this September – so you can imagine that I wasn’t really feeling them then, but now I’m lost. I want to apply Superstar on my nails now. Right now. (Which is funny, because I’m currently wearing another F.U.N. Lacquer shade, Green Foliage, which is one of the most beautiful polishes ever.)

_MG_8403 _MG_8408 _MG_8411 _MG_8415


The Art Of Sparkle


It’s possible that The Art Of Sparkle could cover the nails on its own, but please forgive me that I didn’t want to try it. Instead I applied it over a black base in one single coat. The polish itself is made only of pale lilac holo glitters which is something I have never seen before.

_MG_8448 _MG_8452 _MG_8454 _MG_8458

The Art Of Sparkle (H)


And the holo version is even more beautiful. The Art Of Sparkle (H) covers prefectly in 3 coats, but 2 can be enough if someone doesn’t plan to take macro photos of it. :) The gorgeous lilac shade is more prominent in this one, which – for me – makes the polish a must have for purpleaholics.

_MG_8428 _MG_8431 _MG_8434 _MG_8437 _MG_8445

So we can’t complain, F.U.N. Lacquer did it again, they brought an insane amount of sparkle in our lives…..well, I guess this is what they always do. :)

The New Year 2016 Collection will be available for pre-order from 3rd December at F. U. N. Lacquer and they will be launched officially 2nd January. Had I not received any of them, I’d made sure to order Superstar….and probably Fashion Show and The Art Of Sparkle (H). How about you? :)

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  • Die Lackmamsell - 2015-11-28 - 10:34

    “Fashion Show” and “Happy Ending” are gorgeous! The other four polishes are lovely as well but I don’t feel like buying even more purples and I rarely use glitter polishes, so the last two would be wasted (but pretty) money.ReplyCancel

    • lakkomlakkom - 2015-11-30 - 08:55

      You are so right! I rarely use glitters too, but it’s so difficult to resist them. :DReplyCancel

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