Glam Polish – Anniversary Glitter Trio

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It’s almost unbelievable that Glam Polish is only 3 years old. And it’s even more incredible that I’ve barely been an indie addict for 2 years, because it feels like indies were always there for us.

So, yes, it’s Glam Polish’s 3rd anniversary and to celebrate it they launched a breathtakingly sparkly trio. :) All three polishes have a very good quality, they covered in two coats, which is crazy, since they are glitter polishes without a base colour. Oh, and they are so much more beautiful in real life! *_* And they look a m a z i n g on shorter nails.

Glitter In My Veins


I would say that Glitter In My Veins is mostly copper, but it has pink, red, purple and gold microglitters too. It’s incredibly gorgeous and sparkles like crazy. *_*

_MG_6272_small _MG_6274_small _MG_6276_small

Too Glam To Give A Damn


Too Glam To Give A Damn‘s main colour is pink, but it has red, purple, gold and even silver glitters too. It may sound too much, but it is simply perfect. <3

_MG_6306_small _MG_6308_small _MG_6311_small

Holo All My Life!


Holo All My Life! is my favourite. I mean just look at its name, it could be my motto or even my first tatoo. :):) I can’t even tell you how many kinds of glitters it has, but I don’t even have to, you can see all of its beauty on the pictures. :)

_MG_6291_small _MG_6293_small _MG_6295_small

All three of them are so perfect! Their shades and their quality are amazing. And they don’t even require tons of top coat to be smooth, one coat and you’re good to go. Glam Polish knows how to celebrate, these polishes turned out flawless. If I had to choose only one shade, I’d go for Holo All My Life!, but it would be a tough decision for sure. They are available from today at the Glam Polish webshop, they ship to USA, Australia and France. Those who live elsewhere will probably be able to order them from Hypnotic Polish (I hope) in a few weeks. :)

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