A-England – Whispering Waves

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I don’t know how you feel about surprise A-England polishes, but I always welcome them with an open heart. A few weeks ago a new shade, Whispering Waves has been added to The Heavenly Quotes collection and thanks for Adina, I can now show it to you. :)


The polish is unusually bright compared to other A-England shades – and I’m actually really happy about it, because now we know that they’re good in this as well. :) It covers in 2 coats, since it’s obviously not as pigmented as the darker shades of the brand. This icy yet fresh blue is somehow both a winter and a spring shade at the same time and for that I love it even more.

_MG_9076 _MG_9079

I can only hope that Adina will create more of these lighter shades too, since she’s so good at it. :)

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