Polished by KPT – Cosmic Xodus II

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As I promised you last week, today I’ll show you a Polished by KPT collection that has only a tiny bit of purple in it. The Cosmic Xodus II collection consists of 8 polishes, the non-thermo polishes covered in two coats, the thermo ones required three.

The collection does not rotate around Christmas, but space, which is my second favourite thing ever. I’m amazed by the miracles of the universe, I worship NASA’s work and Hubble’s pictures, I can watch a spaceship launching video a hundred times over and over again. So, yes, I love the entire collection, even if I don’t like every shade.

Zero Gravity


Zero Gravity is a rich copper brown, that’s supposed to be duochrome, but instead it has pink shimmer in it which makes the polish very unique.

zero_gravity_2 zero_gravity_3



This shade has already been released in the Cosmic Xodus I collection, but that polish was called A Dream Within A Dream and it was a gorgeous thermo. Quantum here is not, so it always shines this beautiful and bright magenta-blue.

quantum_1 quantum_3

Dancing Around Jupiter


Dancing Around Jupiter is a deep burgundy with gold and purple shimmer, I liked it very much on my nails, I even felt it kind of festive and christmas-y. :)

dancing_around_jupiter_1 dancing_around_jupiter_3



Electromagnetic is the collection’s crown jewel, this purply blue is so simple, yet fabolous. <3

electromagnetic_2 electromagnetic_3

Snow On Saturn


Snow On Saturn is a top coat – Polished by KPT is very good in them – I applied it over the Dance Legend black peel-off base. It has a gorgeous blue shimmer, tiny holo squares and blue, purple and gold particles too. It creates an instant galaxy effect, it’s killing me how beautiful it is. *_*

snow_on_saturn_1 snow_on_saturn_3



I’m usually not a big fan of orange polishes, but if they get their name after the Sun….now that changes everything. :) Sol is a thermo polish that gets lighter when it’s warm. Since it can get very very light, you’ll need three coats of it.

sol_1 sol_6

Show Me Polaris


Show Me Polaris is the thermo version of Electromagnetic thermo, so it’s a deep blue when cold and a light blue when warm. It can be really light when you’re sitting in a warm room, so there’s going to be some visible nail line even after 3 coats.


I applied one coat of Snow On Saturn over it, because the only finish I like more than thermo is holo thermo. :)

show_me_polaris_4 show_me_polaris_5



Gaia is my favourite thermo of these three, I was wearing it for 3 days straight and I couldn’t stop looking at it turning from a light green to a deep teal green depending on the temperature. *_*

gaia_6 gaia_7 gaia_8

Maybe it’s just me who’s so easily amused, but I can play with thermo polishes forever. I compared the temperature of the office and of my home with them, I even made clothing decisions depending on them: I saw that my nails are dark teal, so I put on my pullover even though I wasn’t feeling cold yet. But I knew it was cold, my nails told me so. :):):)

So you can imagine that I really love this collection. :) But I obviously don’t think that all of these shades are must haves. The top coat is a wonder, so go and get it if you’re as crazy about space as I am and the thermo polishes are so much fun too. And of course Electromagnetic is pretty darn gorgeous as well. The polishes are available at the brand’s webshop, they cost $10 and there’s international shipping available yay! :)

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