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Around Christmas time I’m obviously very biased with Christmas collections, I just can’t not love them. But this one, this Potion Polish one….I’m seriously in love with it. :)

The Festive Fancies collection is exciting, cute and adorable the same time. It consists of nine polishes, that are a little too thick for my taste this time too – but instead of thinning them, I tried to apply them like they were and to my greatest surprise they worked wonderfully. I don’t even understand how, but they all covered in two coats evenly and perfectly.

Let’s Get Elfed Up


Let’s Get Elfed Up is sometimes on the burgundy, sometimes on the magenta side, but what’s constant is its brightness and elegance. It has holo shimmer and tiny blue glitters in it to make it perfect.

lets_get_elfed_up_2 lets_get_elfed_up_3 lets_get_elfed_up_4

No Peeking! 


No Peeking! is one of those surprise jellies that covers in two coats. There are no words for this stunning blurple….well it seems I did find words in the end. :)

no_peeking_2 no_peeking_3

On The Nice List


One of my personal favourites is On The Nice List. It has a blue base, but some gold shimmer and those beautiful glitter give it a gorgeous green hue.

on_the_nice_list_2 on_the_nice_list_3

Pretty Pink Tree


Pretty Pink Tree is the true girly pink and its gold and holo shimmer and these tiny and bigger gold glitters make it really princess-like.

pretty_pink_tree_2 pretty_pink_tree_3

Reindeer Tracks


Let’s create a top coat with circle glitters in Christmas colours, call it Reindeer Tracks and no one will notice that it’s actually tacky. Well, this is exactly what happened to me. I applied it over a black base, then I was like okay this is kind of weird, then I looked at the bottom of the bottle for the name, saw it and immediately thought: wow that’s so cute, I love it! *_*

reindeer_tracks_2 reindeer_tracks_3

Silver Skates


I couldn’t wait to wear Silver Skates, I even swatched it last so that I can wear it for that day. We were so meant to be…I mean we were supposed to be…but somehow I just didn’t like it, even if this icy silver-blue is right up my alley. But somehow we couldn’t work it out. :/ Though I do love the silver circle glitters in it.

silver_skates_2 silver_skates_3

Snow Day


Snow Day is my absolute favourite of the bunch. White with blue glitters, flakes and squares, perfect from every aspect. I applied it in two coats over a white base.

snow_day_2 snow_day_3 snow_day_4

Treetop Angel


Lately I’ve been falling for yellow-gold shades, so Treetop Angel (what a cute name, isn’t it? *_*) convinced me too. I especially liked the tiny flakes in it. :)

treetop_angel_2 treetop_angel_3 treetop_angel_4

Mistletoe Smooches


*_* *_* *_* This. *_* *_* *_*

So we have a jelly holo green with green and gold glitters and I’m in LOVE. *_*

mistletoe_smooches_2 mistletoe_smooches_3

This whole collection is just perfect, it offers such a wide selection of shades, that everyone can find their favourite. :) And their price is still unbeatable, they cost $8,50-9 and you can order them from here.

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