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There are some things that don’t change in 2016, one of them is my eternal love fore smaller indie brands. And by “small” I mean that a lot more people should know about them. :) Il Était Un Vernis is one of these brands. I’ve been a huge fan of them since their first collection and my love only grows deeper from polish to polish. Their latest collection, called #HASHTAG, has 5 shades – each of them perfect for winter.



I’ve been looking for my perfect nude for ages and now that I found it, for the life of me I have no idea why I was thinking that it would be a beige nude and not a grey one. Seriously, Edina. So #imanatural is a very light grey – not an off-white, but a full on grey. It covers in two coats and is very easy to apply, so it really is my all time favourite nude ever. *_* I have never felt my nails so simple and elegant at the same time.

_MG_9829_small _MG_9831_small _MG_9833_small

And since it’s the perfect nude, #imanatural is very easy to nail art. This time I went for a purple gradient:

_MG_9842_small _MG_9846_small



The other big favoutire of mine from this collection is #ladykiller. It’s so rare to find a blue so deep that it’s almost black – and the emphasis is on almost. Most of them look completely black, we only want to believe that they’re still blue.This one though, it’s blue to its chore, a blue so intense and so deep that it almost hurts. *_* It covers in one coat andandand it’s perfect for stamping.

_MG_9874_small _MG_9878_small _MG_9880_small _MG_9882_small

Okay, so I have a tiny obsession with snowflakes, so what? :D I’d stamp anything with them, can’t get bored of them. Obviously I needed to stamp #ladykiller with two blue Color Club holos (Blue Heaven, Over the Moon). I applied the darker one on the plate, scraped it, applied the lighter one, scraped again, then stamped with the randomness that got on the stamper. This “technique” wouldn’t work with more contrasting shades, but I really loved the effect with these two polishes.

_MG_9886_small _MG_9888_small#justmytype

We’ve seen quite a few new greys this season, and still a #justmytype is different from them. I almost can’t belive how well I could catch the slight green glimmering that makes people fall for this shade. It covers in two coats – a nice surprise given that the polish itself is quite thin.

_MG_9930_small _MG_9932_small _MG_9934_small

Then I managed to kill this gorgeous glimmering with the nail art. :D First I sponged real silver flakes on the nails, then I stamped two of them with OPI Push and Shove. I really liked this marble effect after the flakes, so I’ll have to play with that some more. :)

_MG_9962_small _MG_9968_small



Another thing I really like about the Il Était Un Vernis girls is their unconditional love for teal. They succesfully sneak this colour in almost every collection – and I couldn’t be more grateful for this. #monsieurjetaime is a faded, muted teal – I swear I can see the frost in it. *_* It covers in two easy coats and has a wonderful formula.

_MG_9980_small _MG_9983_small _MG_9985_small _MG_9987_small

Now you can see for yourselves that #ladykiller is perfect for stamping.  <3

_MG_9989_small _MG_9991_small



#hellosunshine is the punch line of the collection. Seriously, who can come up with the idea to lauch a polish so yellow, so bright as this one in a winter collection? Fortunately these two lovely ladies could. :):) And although this shade is so not flattering on me, I really, really love it. It brings light into these gloomy days. I applied three coats and I still had some visible nail line going on (although you can’t really see it on the pictures).

_MG_9854_small _MG_9858_small _MG_9861_small

Well-well, snowflakes again? :):) This time I combined the snowflakes and the gradient and I got a quite weird winter manicure.

_MG_9865_small _MG_9868_small

So that’s the #HASHTAG collection. :) In my opinion Bé and Stépahine did an awesome job in creating a gorgeous, versatile, season appropriate, yet shocking collection. I really really like all of these shades, although honestly I’m not sure whether I would have purchased them myself. On pictures they tend to look like “only” a grey, another grey, a blue, a yellow and a teal-ish, but once they’re on your nails and you can see them in person, you’ra able to notice their uniquness and their upmost beauty. *_*

The #HASHTAG collection is available in the brand’s webshop, or at Hypnotic Polish, they cost €13 each.

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