Dry brush/watermarble

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Lately I have some free time on weekends, I even have 1-2 hours to do nail arts. So now I’m trying to create every idea I had in my mind in the last few months. For exemple watermarbling over dry brush. :)

I applied Il Était Un Vernis #ladykiller, #monsieurjetaime and #justmytape (swatches of the full collection here) on a white base with the dry brush technique, then I got my watermarble cup and dropped some silver polish (China Glaze – I’d Melt for You) on the surface of the water. I got my hairspray and I sprayed it on the floating coat of nail polish to get some splatter pattern. Finally I dumped my nails into the most exciting parts of the pattern.

IMG_3769 FullSizeRender

This spraying technique is actually quite simple, you only have to figure out how much you need to spray and from what distance. It’s so much easier than creating a real watermarble pattern! :)

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