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I suppose you all now what a “store exclusive” polish is (you know like the Colors by Llarowe by Nailland x Lakkomlakkom polishes :)) It’s really exciting for a webshop to get the opportunity to create its own shades, I’m not surprised that more and more of them decide to do it – and that more and more brands offer the opportunity itself.

Hypnotic Polish has quite a few store exclusive shades, today let’s take a look at those created with Swiss Cadillacquer.



Awakening is an elegant baby blue that has the most amazing ‘subtle-but-always-visible’ type of holo. *_* (2 coats)

_MG_3096_wm _MG_3109_wm

Look at that ethereal pastel holo effect! *_*


Frozen Heart


Frozen Heart is a medium blue crelly with magenta and purple glitters (hexes and squares). It has a surprisingly good coverage, I only needed two coats.

_MG_3129_wm _MG_3127_wm _MG_3121_wm

I really love that there are more and more store exclusive polishes everywhere, because I think that the nail polish industry needs a fresh pair of eyes from time to time. It’s good for the brands, for the webshops and for us at the same time, so yay for store exclusives! :)

Awakening (€11,85)) and Frozen Hearts (€11,35) are available at Hypnotic Polish.

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