Review: Guerlain Nailift La Base base coat

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You already know about me that I don’t really use base coats (don’t be like me, use them!), because I find it very uncomfortabe to apply polish over them. Still I have at least 7 or 8 of them lying around in my nail necessities box, because I always think that one day I’m gonna find the perfect one.

Fortunately my nails aren’t really prone to staining, only really badass polishes leave their mark on them. So here they are naked:



Some staining, some ridges and of course I took the pictures after a shower, so they’re soaked too – but whatever.

So to begin today’s story: I got a bottle of Guerlain Nailift La Base for rewiev so I finally got around to compare some base coats. The angle of the experiment was to find out how well they protect the nails from staining.

And here are our contestants from right to left: Catrice Ultra Stay & Gel Shine and Astor Power3 as cheaper ones, OPI Nail Envy and Guerlain Nailift as the expensive ones and Ünt, because that one I actually use sometimes.


And as for the challenge: I chose the legendary CbL Gemini Rising…..which is the most staining polish I’ve ever worn: it turns my nails into a very unflattering pumpkin orange every time. (But it’s worth it obviously. *_*)

IMG_3586 IMG_3600

And now let’s see the results after 24 hours.

The worst of all was the Catrice, the Astor performed a little bit better, but still a no-go. OPI Nail Envy protected the nails quite well, but the Guerlain was the best of th best.


And I’ll continue loving the Ünt base coat…..for it’s peelability only. Yikes.


So the result is quite unquestionable, I’ll sure use the Guerlain Nailift every time I reach for Gemini Rising (that won’t happen in the near future) or any other very staining polish. Honestly I didn’t expect that there would be such a big difference between base coats and I’m also surprised by the fact that the most expensive won. Although I’m convinced by the OPI Nail Envy too – if you don’t use it under the most dangerous polish on Earth, then you’re good to go with it. :)

I can’t say that the Guerlain Nailift is a must have, because it’s just far too expensive for that, but if you can afford it and you’re willing to spend this money to prevent your nails from staining, then you won’t be disappointed. :)

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  • Artavika - 2016-02-04 - 10:04

    Very impressive!
    What do you do to remove the stains?ReplyCancel

    • lakkomlakkom - 2016-02-08 - 10:48

      Well, all I can do is wait for them to grow out unfortunately. :/ Yay for my innovative, yet foolish ideas! :DReplyCancel

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