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As I mentioned not that long ago, I really love the Dance Legend Anna Gorelova polishes. Ukrasa was launched as part of the Valentine day trio, Owl In Lone – and it was love at first sight. But I mean who wouldn’t love a crisp white polish with the tiniest blue and red microflakes? *_* And it has a fantastic formula too: it applies easily, has a wonderful pigmentation and only needs two coats to cover perfectly and evenly.



So so many flakieeeeeeeees! *_*


From a certain distance it might look completely white, but I’m quite positive that I always see the flakes in it. I made a nail art with it too – that I didn’t mean to share on the blog (hence the phone photo), but here I am doing it, since some of you asked me to. :)

I used the b.lovesplates Geometry is Perfect plate and two Mundo de Unas stamping polishes (Reddish and Iris). The “technique” wasn’t very complicated: I dropped some drops of the polishes randomly on the pattern, then I scraped off the excess. I would have never thought of pairing red and blue, but the flakies made me to. :)


I really appreciate polishes that instantly inspire me to do a nail art and Ukrasa did exactly so. And I really love Anna Gorelova for making these amazing polishes lately. :)

You can purchase Ukrasa directly from Dance Legend, ($10) but it’s also available in Nailland (€10,50) or at Hypnotic Polish (€10,50).

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