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The latest Glam Polish collection, Truly Outrageous, was inspired by the series Jem & The Holograms that unfortunately I don’t know at all. But luckily these shades are perfectly enjoyable without any backgroung information. :)

We have our usual 9 shades in the collection, some of them are surprisingly bright, some are more springlike. All of them cover in two coats and they only need one coat of top coat to have a smooth surface.

Without us, You’re Nothing


Withour us, You’re Nothing is a bright orange with gold shimmer and holo glitters.

without_us_youre_nothing_2 without_us_youre_nothing_3

Starlight Music


Starlight Music is one of my favourites, I love watermelon polishes like crazy – they mean summer to me. It has the same gold shimmer and holo glitters as the orange one.

starlight_music_2 starlight_music_1

Everyone has a Secret Identity


Everyone has a Secret Identity is a true neon pink with fuchsia shimmer and holo glitters. It’s the perfect “hot” polish for me, when summer will try to kill us with all its heat, then I’ll be happily wearing this shade.

everyone_has_a_secret_identity_2 everyone_has_a_secret_identity_1

Music is Magic


I’m sure I already mentioned it, but lately I’ve been dying for irridescent polishes, so Music is Magic quickly became a big favourite of mine. It’s a fuchsia-pink with blue shimmer that was supposed to creep me out a few months ago, but now I’m like “hey Sailor”. ;)

music_is_magic_2 music_is_magic_1

Truly Outrageous


The polish that has the same name as the collection is Truly Outrageous – a gorgeous purple with the same blue shimmer and the inevitable holo glitters.

truly_outrageous_2 truly_outrageous_1

I Got My Eye on You


Well, if I liked the pink one with blue shimmer, you’d bet I’ll love the blue with the pink shimmer….and you wouldn’t be wrong. ;) I Got My Eye on You is the polish that is bever boring: when sun hits it, it sparkles with glitters and in the shades it changes its color to amuse us.

i_got_my_eye_on_you_2 i_got_my_eye_on_you_1

She’s Got The Power


She’s Got The Power is another very summer appropriate polish for me. It also has some blue iridescence to it, but it’s not that prominent this time.

shes_got_the_power_2 shes_got_the_power_1

Gimme! Gimme! Gimme!


Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! will be a favourite of a few, but those few will adore it. It’s so bright and it’s right between green and yellow – a shade that’s not easy to love for most people. I obviously love it, it makes me instantly happy. :)

gimme_gimme_gimme_2 gimme_gimme_gimme_1

Showtime Synergy


And last but not least here we have Showtime Synergy – neon glitters in a silver holo base, who could ask for more fun in a single polish? :):)

showtime_synergy_1 showtime_synergy_3

Let’s see all of them next to each other one more time:


The Truly Outrageous collection will be available from April 1st at Glam Polish, luckily they offer european shipping too, so yay for European NPAs! :) (*happy dance*)


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