Glam Polish – Taurus

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So here we are now with the second last Glam Polish Zodiac shade, Taurus. Time flies, doesn’t it? :) I don’t even mind that it’s already the end of April, this polish makes it worth it.

Taurus has an emerald green jelly base full of holo glitters and flakes aaaaaaaaand: blue microglitters that make the polish so unique! And they’re not overpowered by the dark base at all. The polish covers in two coats which was a nice surprise, and it is easy to apply, the glitters spread out evenly on the nails.

As an added bonus, the polish also has some tiny little holo bars in it. The first time I heard about these was at Lexa’s when she showed us The King collection a couple of days ago. These bars stick out of the first layer of the polish, but the second one makes the surface more even. You’ll still need a good coat of top coat though.

_MG_9924 _MG_9927

_MG_9920 _MG_9929 _MG_9932

I feel quite biased right now, since lately I’ve been attracted to polishes that have a lot going on in them – and Taurus definitely has a loooot going on in it. :) It’s a one of a kind masterpiece that is chaotic and brilliant at the same time. *_*

You can purchase it exclusively at Hypnotic Polish for €11,95.

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