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Il Était Un Vernis quickly became one of my most favourite brands. These girls know instinctly how to make awesome polishes. Every single collection of them is perfection, I’m always waiting their 4×5 polishes with an insane excitment.

The Tales of Love collection is a very girly one, but this time it doesn’t mean boring even to me. Spring is in every bottle and I mean almost litterally, since every shade has tiny pink microflakes in them – it’s like they’re sprinkled with crushed cherry blossom. *_* They have a perfect formule, they’re easy to apply and remove and cover in two coats.

A Thousand Kisses

Every brand creates its own baby pink sooner or later, no wonder though, pink is still one of the most popular shades.


Talking about classic shades, here we have a gorgeous burgundy – but saying “burgundy” is such an oversimplification. It has a ton of beautiful microflakies in it, that make the polish utterly amazing – I would sure buy it even if I had 25 flakie burgundy already. *_*

Crazy Little Thing

For those who prefer cooler tones, we have the exact same finish, but in a much more mauve-y shade. <3


I don’t really like purple and pink together, but this polish makes them work somehow even for me. Actually it makes me want to nail art it in any shape or form with some neon pink. *_*

Spring in My Step

My absolute favourite of the collection is this grey-green. *_* I mean have you ever seen something like this? *_* Usually this is when you tell me in the comments that yes, this and this amd that polish are very similar and I’m just sitting here like how did I not think about all of those. But for now I’m pretty sure that this is one of the most unique polishes ever made. And it’s crazy beautiful. And it’s grey AND spring-y at the same time. Whitchcraft.

I almost feel sorry for you pink and purple fans out there, because this collection must be a killer for you. And again I’m admiring the talent of the IEUV girls who sneaked into this girly collection something incredible even for us with a slightly weirder taste. I remember when I first saw swatches of this collection I was like scrolling, scrolling, pink, scrolling, burgundy, wow, scrolling, scrolling, purple, purple, scrolling, OMG! *_*

You can order these shades from the IEUV webshop (€12,90) or  at stockists, like Hypnotic Polish (€12,89).

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