Bow – Thermo top

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I realised that there are quite a few post drafts waiting to be published, so let’s catch up. :) You could already see this manicure on Instagram, but let’s talk about it some more. So as a base I applied Bow Thermo Top – a thermo top coat that changes from a light greyish nude (warm) to black (cold) depending on the temperature. This is why I could barely use it as a top coat, since when it’s cold, it covers the nails entirely. But on its own – it’s magic. *_*

I applied three coats, so that I have some coverage even when it’s warm, then I stamped it with  Mundo de Unas Ligh Gold and Moyou Holy shapes 08. On the picture below, it was really cold on the left side and it was warm on the right – and I was a happy camper both times. :):)



This “top coat” is so much fun, I’m pretty sure I’ll be using it again and again. And since then Bow Polish launched a blue, a green, a red, a pink and a purple version too – I bet they are just as exciting as this one. :)

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