Colors by Llarowe – Summer 2016 Collection Part III

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Let’s continue with our precious holos – it’s the CbL finish I’m always the most curious and excited about. We have 4 shades that are fairly similar to what we usually have – not that I’m complaining :) – and a 5th shade that’s a little bit different.

Annie Get Your Gun

Annie Get Your Gun is definitely my absolute favourite of the entire collection. I mean it’s blue and grey and flashes green and purple – I’m obviously in love with it. <3 (2 coats)


Bam! is a lighter teal more on the green side – it’s gorgoeus, but I don’t think it’s the most beautiful teal CbL has ever made. (2 coats)

Pool Partay!

Pool Partay! is the first real summer shade of the bunch – it’s a vibrant aqua green with a jellyesque finish. (3 coats)

Prissy Little Thang!

I’m not even surprised that set again I’m in love with a pink shade too – that seems to be my thang lately (See what I did there? Sorry about it. :D) (2 coats)

Summer Lovin’

Summer Lovin’ is jelly and holo at the same time, so doesn’t fit this group perfectly, but I’m sure you’ll letting me go with it. :) It’s not just holo, but it has flakes and shimmer too, so there’s a real party in this one….which you’ll only see if you’re really really close. (2 coats)

So yes, CbL did it again, they just can’t go wrong when it comes to holo. And yes, these aren’t the most original shades ever, but I’m sure we all are either pink, teal, aqua or blue addicts, so we’re gonna be tempted my them anyway. :)

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