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Those of you who love nail art and youtube videos as well, probably know the Simply Nailogical channel, where Cristine entertains us twice a week with some fun tutorials. Even though her style is completely different than mine, I never miss any videos of her, because a) she’s so much fun and b) she always has great tips that can be useful to everyone.

This is why I was so excited when I learned that she created an entire collection for F.U.N. Lacquer. I was so curious about her shades, I couldn’t wait to unwrap them – but I wasn’t ready to see these gorgeous holo boxes! *_* And then when you collect yourself (after babbling for the boxes for half an hour), you open them and find these:


We have three shades and two finishes: a fuchsia, a royal/cobalt blue and an almost black dark grey glitter and their holo versions. The polishes don’t have a base colour, they’re “only” glitter in a transparet base, so you either a) apply them on their own until reaching full opacity or b) apply them on a base colour. I chose the more difficult method – as I imagine Cristine would do – so I sponged them on.

Sponging glitters is my nightmare, because even though I use liquid latex, glitter gets e v e r y w h e r e and I spend hours to remove it, so that I can take decent shots of the polishes. The other difficulty I faced was their texture. I love and I love only when the surface of my nails is super smooth, so I tried to apply as many top coats as the quite gritty texture of these polishes required….and sometimes I ended up having a very thick coat of polish on my nails – you’ll see that on the pictures.

Holo Queen

Holo Queen is full of fuchsia glitters, that sparkle with some blue and purple. It’s holo version, Holo Queen (H) has holo effect too in it.

Holo Queen (H)

How Deep Is Your Holo?

Royal or cobalt blue – I couldn’t tell, what’s obvious is that How Deep Is Your Holo and it’s H version are very very blue and very very bright.

How Deep Is Your Holo? (H)

Black Holo Witch

The most holo of all is Black Holo Witch, even the non-H version. I’d say it’s rather a dark grey, than a black, but it doesn’t change the fact that this one is stunner. *_*

Black Holo Witch (H)

And here we have all of them – with the tiny mishap that the greys are swapped, but the idea was that H versions are above and the non-Hs are below.


I think the colours are stunning, so I wouldn’t talk anyone out of them even if they can be quite messy – glitters generally are anyway. And if you use a peel-off base coat, then the removal is no big deal either. ;) But if you’re looking for something that you can slap on in under 5 minutes, then run, run!

Oh and one more thing: if you apply them with a sponge, the H versions become less holo, because the glitters overpower the holo effect.

I sure won’t ever again apply them with a sponge until full opacity, but I’ll be using them a lot when I’d like to give a polish some extra sparkle. I generally use every glitter and flakie Fun I have this way. (Even now I have AE Saint George on with some Fun Secret sponged over it and it looks incredibly gorgeous. *_*) This is why I always prefer the non-H versions.

The collection will be available from May 21 at F.U.N. Lacquer, or at the stockists.

Btw when I first saw the colours, I was kind of disappointed, I always thought that Cristine’s polishes would be more – more holo, more radiant, more more -, but then I realised that she actually made polishes that even I’d be very happy to use – and that’s something that I would have never thought. :) So congrats Cristine, you made even me more holosexual. <3

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