Masura galaxy nails

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I don’t use my two Masura polishes as often as I should, but I’m still deeeeeeply in love with them. Since yesterday I couldn’t decide which one to apply, I applied both of them. I painted my nails with a simple creme black first (I’m still not convinced that it’s a necessary step), then I applied two coats of Cat’s Eye and dragged a couple of strokes across the nails woth both colours before using the magnet. The effect that it creates is simply breathtaking, there are no words to describe how very gorgeous it looks, when I move my hand. *_*

I applied a coat of ILNP My Private Rainbow X too, then I stamped some of my nails with Colour Alike black stamping polish and Creative Shop 04 plate.

This picture almost illustrates how beautifully the two shades melt in each other:



If I find some good light today, I’ll post a video of it on Instagram later – so that you can see how amazing it is when I move my fingers. *_* Omg, I’m so in love with these Masura magnetics, I can’t wait to get my pre-order…yepp, I was a bad bad girl and ordered a bunch of them.

Availability: you can pre-order Masura magnetics from Nailland, or you can order them from Hypnotic Polish from today 8 pm. We are SO lucky, we only have to decide which ones to get and from which webshop – a couple of months ago it seemed almost impossible, that this could ever happen. :)

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