Avon Gel Shine

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A couple of weeks ago I attended an Avon blogger event, where I got two of the new Gel Shine shades to review. I was really curious to see their quality, it’s been a while since I tried the brand’s polishes.

I don’t really understand this new drugstore habit to call everything “gel like” hence super shiny – the polish itself doesn’t have to be super shiny, this is (amongst other reasons) why we use a top coat, isn’t it? But yes, gel like polishes do have a different quality, they are usually more jellyesque  – this is why they are more shiny. That usually means an easier application and sometimes less pigmentation too. Let’s see what’s the case here. :)

Rain Washed

Rain Washed is such a light blue, that it’s almost an off-white. I was prepared to apply at least 3 uneven coats – creme polishes that are so light tend to have an awful quality, but nope, this one worked. :) I applied two easy coats, that covered the nails evenly and didn’t streak for a second. Somehow it did enhance the ridges on my nails though, I don’t really understand why. But okay, I have very ridged nails, so maybe I do understand. (Also I don’t have these ridges anymore – but that’s another topic, to be detailed in another post.)

_MG_8748 _MG_8753

Orange You Crazy

Luckily Orange You Crazy has the exact same quality as Rain Washed – and actually I started to like – and I mean reeeeally like – orange lately. Not only in nail polish, but even in clothes, so I am a big fan of this shade.

_MG_8756 _MG_8760

Oh and we also got a top coat, the Gel Shine Lasting Finish. I don’t know anything about the “lasting finish” part, but I do know that the “gel shine” part is real. I already used up half of the bottle, because I’ve been using this top coat for every swatch lately, I just love how shiny it is. However the expression “fast drying” is not on the bottle for a good reason: it does dry quite slowly. Those of you who love Seche Vite or the Everglaze top coat, won’t have enough patience for this one.

Avon has 4 other shades than these two, they all look very promising. Well, I guess, it’s not surprising that I say this, since the 4 shades are: mint, teal, dark blue and a weird yellow-green. :):)

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  • Gosia C-M - 2016-06-02 - 09:31

    The first one looks so pretty. It’s delicate and just perfect for spring time ;)ReplyCancel

  • Lara Leaf - 2016-06-02 - 21:03

    I love pastels so that first one – beautiful! I also have quite a few orange polishes in different finishes. This crème is gorgeous!
    Instead of ‘gel-like’, I have seen people start calling these Extended Wear (EW) polishes, which is more accurate. Since I change my polish almost every day, I have not been interested in those polishes. Plus they are more expensive. Maybe one of these days, I’ll give them a try, though.ReplyCancel

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