Cupcake Polish – Jubilee

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Well, this is the first time that even the bottle picture is a slider, but I couldn’t help it, this polish looks sooooo good! *_*

So today, let’s talk about Cupcake Polish Jubilee. The polish I almost ordered like 10 times. The polish that looked so incredible on pictures, that I did not believe it. The polish that I grabbed immediately the first time I saw it in person. <3 And wow, it was such a good decision! It’s so sparkly and holo, words can’t even describe it. It has a linear holo silver base full of silver flakies and holo glitters. I was afraid that it would be too much – and it is to much, just in a very very pretty way. And it’s holo. And I mean crazy holo. Like holo in direct sunlight, holo in artificial light, holo in the shades and holo at night. Okay, well I might exaggerate a little bit, but you understand what I mean.

It covers in two coats, easy to apply, easy to remove – perfection. Don’t and I mean DON’T talk yourself out of it like I did for an insanely long time. :)

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