F.U.N. Lacquer – Summer 2016 Collection

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When I got the F.U.N. Lacquer Summer 2016 collection, I was just sitting for long minutes, staring at the unopened boxes, wondering if they would look summery at all. You know nowadays it’s hard to tell what to expect, since brands tend to not follow the typical color themes of the seasons. But comparing to most summer collections, this one is still one of the most summery of all. :)

We have six shades, all of them holo, with the recently very popular shimmer touch. Talking about which: do you like this new shimmery trend? Lately CbL, Il Était Un Vernis, ILNP, Enchanted Polish and now Fun have been adding shimmers to their new shades – and to be honest I’m a little bit sceptical about that, I don’t always feel like the polishes are more beautiful thanks to ths shimmer element.

I applied two coats of every shade.

Rainy Day In Barcelona

Rainy Day In Barcelona is a light and pale lilac with green-gold shimmer. This color combination should freak me out, but somehow it works like a dream on the nails. :)

Wearing Heels With Cocktails

The only shade of this collection which I don’t really like is Wearing Heels With Cocktails. Pink and blue-purple together rarely works for me and unfortunately it’s not the case this time.

Blazing Romance

Blazing Romance is one of my favourites. <3 Although I’m not a typical coral fan, but throw some gold in it and I’m all in! And this shade even has some lilac in it too – and I’m still not complaining. ;)

Positive Vibes

The biggest question of this year for me is the idea of pink shimmer. It’s like someone has tons of pink shimmer and they pay the brands to put said shimmer in almost everything. o_O Sorry for my silly ideas, but there must be an explanation for this tendency. I mean, if you look at Positive Vibes very closely, all you can see is the beauty of the otherwise not-so-matching green and pink, but from a distance, the shimmer dulls the otherwise stunning green. It’s like looking at CbL’s Ahoy Matey: I get that both of them are very intereting polishes, but I’d rather see them simply beautiful.

Let The See Set You Free

And after my rant here I am with another polish with pink shimmer that somehow I like. I know, I know, but it’s not so confusing: if the shimmer makes the base more beautiful, then I’m all for it. And that’s exactly the case with Let The See Set You Free: its colors are just so harmonizing.

Starry Night Of The Summer

I left Starry Night Of The Summer last, because I knew that it would be the easiest to describe, since I’ve been in love with this shade since it’s first release. Till this day this iconic Fun blue is one of the most beautiful, “most bluest”, deepest shade I have ever worn. *_* The relaunch of this magical polish is one of the best things that could happen to the NPA community. <3

So these are the six new shades of F.U.N. Lacquer that are about to launch this summer. And despite my conflicted feelings for shimmer and my rant tha has been building up in me for the last few months, but decided to erupt now, this collection is a winner with at least 4 summery, one very interesting and one amazing returning shades. :) I’d sure buy Blazing Romance, Starry Night Of The Summer and…well, I’d buy Positive Vibes too, because I’m hopeless. :D


Availability: the Summer 2016 Collection will be available from 2th July at F.U.N. Lacquer, or at stockists, for $11,90.

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