Femme Fatale – Art of Witchcraft

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We’re still not talking a lot about Femme Fatale here on lakkomlakkom, but I do have 5 or 6 shades from the brand – all of them real masterpieces, like Art of Witchcraft. *_*

It has a mostly blue jelly base with TONS of purple, blue, aqua and gold glitter. It covers in two coats, has a fairly even surface after one coat of top coat and required a peel off base coat under it.

_MG_8735 _MG_8737 _MG_8732 _MG_8728

It’s such an amazing polish, I could stare at it for hours without a hint of boredom. *_*

Availability: Hypnotic Polish (€8,95,) Rainbow Connection (£11,34).

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