Glam Polish – Friendship Is Sparkly Trio Part 2

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The limited Glam Polish trio of the month is yet again inspired by My Little Pony (you can see swatches of the Friendship Is Sparkly Part 1 here), this time the polishes were created with the colours of three ponies: Rainbow Dash, Fluttershy és Twiligh Sparkle.

I applied all of the polishes in 2 coats, I suggest to use a peel-off base coat under them and two coats of top coat over them.

Sonic Rainboom

Rainbow Dash has all the colours of the rainbow, so his (her? o_O) polish is full of colourful neon dots and loooooots of holo.

Keep Calm and Flutter On

Fluttershy is yellow and she (I guess) has pink hair, so the polish has yellow microglitters, neon pink and pastel yellow dots and holo in it.

Lunar Eclipsed

My favourite is the Twilight sparkle inspired Lunar Eclipsed full of purple and pink dots and holo microglitters. Somehow I find mesmerizing how the darker dots appear in the holo base. *_*

I was never a My Little Pony girl, I preferred toys that could wear high heels (khm, Barbies), but the minute I saw the ponies and the polishes next to each other, I was sold. :D


Release Date: Friday July 1st, 2pm EST USA, Shipping rates to USA are $3.80 USD for the first polish and an extra $1.00 for each additional polish. To Europe $13.60 for the first polish and $3.30 for each additional bottle.

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