Out of order

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I mean I am out of order…again. If you remember, I had a small pause last spring when I had to skip a few weeks because of my tenosynovitis. Well, it’s the same again, I overstrained my hand and now I’m sitting here with a splint on my right arm, from my nails to my elbow.

It seems I won’t be able to paint my nails, not to mention blogging, for another few weeks. Life is not easy, you guys, with one hand. :/ :D

Fortunately anywhere I go people are always very nice and helpful, but still I can’t ask them to paint my nails, take photos and write blog posts. I know it sounds incredible, but I haven’t been wearing nail polish for two days, my hand hurts so bad, that I can’t use it even for 10 minutes. :(


So now I have to lay low, stay still and relax which will probably result in lots of Nachosing and Gilmore Girl watching. And walking and going to the movies and even some festival dancing. With some luck, I’ll always have someone next to me who will help fixing the straw in my cocktail. :)


Until then I wish all of you a very eventful, exciting and/or lazy summer. Thank you so much for your patience and I’ll be back as soon as I can! <3 (I’ll be posting on Instagram here and there, because I still have a few swatches left. :))

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  • Gosia C-M - 2016-06-30 - 10:06

    I hope You’ll be better soon. Get well and enjoy the time away from nail polish fumes :)ReplyCancel

  • Paulina - 2016-06-30 - 12:02

    Oh, Edina. I’m sorry to hear that! Get well soon ❤ReplyCancel

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