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Since summer is almost over, but my tendonitis is not (yet, but I’m very hopeful – I could swear that it hurts less now :)), I’ll be showing you a few summer collections in this quite clumsy, swatchsticky way. I know it’s not ideal, but it’s all I can do for now. However I’ll always make sure to provide you a few links of other posts where my favourite bloggers actually wear these shades. But if you’re interested in my opinion concerning these polishes, then I hope I can help. :)

Let’s start with the Cirque Vice 2016 collection, because it is my favourite summer collection. They didn’t do anything super special, but they made the impossible possible: they created neon polishes that are not a pain to apply! Now, that’s something. Of course, they’re not as easy as cream polishes, but they’re still the easiest neons I’ve ever tried.

Plastik is the pinkest pink neon ever, Sin City is a coral-y orange (perfect if you have even the slightest tan), Electric Daisy is the perfect beautiful weirdo with its green/yellow hues, High Roller is mint as a dream, Rehab is a brilliant blurple and We Trippy is your everyday linear holo top coat. However I wouldn’t exactly say that High Roller and Rehab are neons, the other three shades are way more crazy, but they still have amazing colours. And they were the easiest to apply, while – of course – Electric Daisy was the most difficult (and still easy compared to any other neon chartreuse). They all cover in two coats and they don’t require a white base.


I’d sure buy the mint and the blurple for myself and – if in my right mind – I’d probably skip the full-on neons, because I almost never paint my nails neon. Unless I do a nail art that I fall in love with…okay, who am I kidding, I’d be crazy enough to buy all of them. I was wearing this neon dry brush many a few weeks back, but I’m still drooling over it. *_*

IMG_7571 IMG_7565

You can buy these shades in the Cirque webshop for $13, at Naillaind for €12,50, or you can order them from Live Love Polish for $13 (and by purchasing through this link, you can contribute to my medical expenses, since it’s my first affiliate cooperation, yay :))

Posts worth checking out: Emily always captures the colours of the polishes perfectly and she did an awesome gradient with the whole collection, Valesha‘s blog is the top one I always check before purchasing anything – I trust her completely and here we have Metka who applied the holo top coat on every single shade – huge thanks for all of them. :)

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  • Emily - 2016-08-03 - 11:22

    Thank you so much for the mention Edina!! You are too sweet! I can’t even tell you how much that means to me coming from you :) <3 Your dry brush mani is so flawless! This collection is just to die for.ReplyCancel

    • lakkomlakkom - 2016-08-03 - 14:58

      I was my pleasure, Emily, I love your work so much! :) <3 Thanks so much, I seem to really like dry brush, don't I? :D And yes, this is a killer collection. *_*ReplyCancel

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