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After not blogging for more than 2 months, I still have some catching up to do. These shades from the Glam Polish Ready…set…GO! collection were sent to me a very long time ago, but now I can finally show them to you. :) Actually I got 6 shades, but I was so clumsy that I dropped one of them and it broke – along with my heart. :/ So unfortunately today we can only talk about 5 shades – although I’m positive that it still will be exciting. :)

This collection was inspired by Mario Kart, so obviously we have crazy colors and crazy glitters everywhere. All of the polishes have the same holo base, but with different types of glitters. We have the usual hexes, but there are a lot of circle glitters and even some stars. I applied two coats of all of them, they need a good amount of top coat and a peel off base coat.

Take That Losers!

Take That Losers! has red, orange and yellow glitters (hexes and circles) in a holo base. (Inspired by Donkey Kong)

Yeah Baby!

Yeah Baby! has rainbow and yellow glitters (hexes and circles) in a holo base. (Inspired by Lemmy Koopa)

Watch Out!

Watch Out! has neon green, white and orange glitters (hexes and circles) in a holo base. (Inspired by Yoshi)

Luigi, Number One

Luigi, Number One has white, yellow, green and blue glitters (stars, hexes, circles) in a holo base. (Inspired by Luigi)

Waluigi Lose! Impossible!

Waluigi Lose! Impossible! has purple, blue and white glitters (hexes and circles) in a holo base. (Inspired by Waluigi )
My favourite is definitely Wailuigi Lose! Impossible! – I just looove those purple glitters. If someone likes unusual glitters a lot, then they hit the jackpot with this collection. :) You can order the polishes from Glam Polish.
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  • Leesa - 2016-09-15 - 03:56

    What interesting glitters! I LOVE Take That Losers! and Luigi, Number One :DReplyCancel

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