ILNP – Fall Neutrals 2016

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PR sample


Let me start by saying that when I first saw these polishes, I was like “what?”. Four of them seemed to be the same and the other two were so close too. I just couldn’t seem to understand why would anyone need these kind of shades. Then I saw that my favourite bloggers are crazy for them. Those who usually are my fellow blue-teal-green fans. I was still stunned and clueless. Then my Hungarian beauty blogger friends told me that they are in love with them. Again, I was still puzzled.

Then the day came where I started to swatch them.

And then my mind was changed.


Let’s start with the most delicate one, Elle. It’s so ethereal, it’s barely there and yet it’s so dominant. If there’s something like a statement nude, then this is it. My only concer was that it needed 3 coats for the coverage you see below, and yes, those are my very visible nail lines. (However I have extra long nails now, so there’s that.)


I haven’t told you before, but I’ve been joining a ballet class the last couple weeks and now I have the perfect ballerina shade. *_* Chleo is more on the mauve side, than Elle – this is why I love this one more. <3 (3 coats)


Let’s see then the “4 perfectly similar greys”, that aren’t similar. There’s two warmer ones, one of them (the darker) is Alexander. (2 coats)

Central Station

And the lighter warm grey is Central Station. (2 coats)

Industrial Park

The other big surprise of the collection for me was Industrial Park. Yepp, since it’s the most blue of them all, I like it the most. No news here. :) I was staring at my nails like a crazy person when I saw how glowy and sparkly it is. *_* (2 coats)

La Catedral

And finally we have La Catedral, which is the most classical grey of the bunch. (2 coats)

They all have the same finish: jelly with scatter holo flakes. They sparkle beautifully in direct sunlight. *_* I would totally buy for myself Chleo, Industrial Park and maybe* (*most definitely) Central Station.

The polishes will be available for pre-order from September 16th at ILNP. And also at stockists, like Naillandnél or Hypnotic Polish. :)

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  • Valentina - 2016-09-11 - 19:53

    Amazing collection! Your swatches are perfect as always.)ReplyCancel

    • lakkomlakkom - 2016-09-12 - 08:22

      Thanks so much!!! ^^ <3 I totally agrre with you: this collection is amazing! *_*ReplyCancel

  • Raabh Aquino - 2016-09-17 - 03:52

    Hi, I always read your blog, but it’s the first time that I leave a comment here.
    I love ILNP collections and this one is no exception.
    My favourite is Industrial Park, which I probably will get, and Chloe.
    Anyway, lovely swatches, as usual!

    Kisses from Brazil!ReplyCancel

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