piCture pOlish – Story, Trouble, Mishap & Chance

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A couple of weeks ago there was a naming contest in the piCture pOlish NPA Facebook group and I was the lucky girl whose suggestions were accepted, yay! So here are 4 beautiful polishes that were named and titled by me – I still can’t believe it! :)

So the story is, that piCture pOlish wanted to create some magnetic shades, but there was some trouble, since the polishes turned out not magnetic enough. First they didn’t want to sell them, but after realizing how very beautiful they are, they accepted the mishap and – luckily for us – gave the polishes a second chance. We now have 4 gorgeous shades (a grey, a berry, a teal blue and a purple) that have a metallic base and some beautiful scatter holo. I applied two coats of all of them (they apply like a dream), then I used a magnet so they have a nice depth. You can use them without a magnet too, but they definitely look better with it.





Ladies, I have to say that I just can’t be impartial with these shades. And I have several reasons for that: 1) they are PPs, 2) I named them and 3) they are so amazing! *_*

The polishes are already available at piCture pOlish, and at their stockists.

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