Vous inspired manicure

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Last week I was contacted by a Hugarian online magazine (vous.hu) for an interview and of course I said yes. Like for every special occasion in my life, I wanted to create a special manicure for the event using the colours of their website as an inspiration.

My initial idea was without any doubt a gradient, I just had a hard time to find enough pinks in my stash. Finally I decided to go for a piCture pOlish trio: Moscow, Pirouette and Posey. I applied one coat of Posey on my nails, then I sponged on the gradient.




It’s been quite a while since I last did a gradient, I almost forgot how messy it can get. :) I used the Moyou cuticle defender for the first time, but I really liked it, so there’s that for a hidden review. :)

I really liked wearing something so feminine, it was a nice change compared to my daily teals and greens and blues. :)

If you’re interested in the interview, you can find it HERE, I guess google translate will be your friend. :)

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  • Arathael - 2016-09-07 - 08:57

    So pretty! Great gradient combo!ReplyCancel

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