Zoya – Urban Grunge II

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Before showing you the amazing Cirque polishes tomorrow, let me introduce you to some Zoyas. I have already talked about two shades from the Urban Grunge collection and today let’s continue with this theme, since Nailland was so kind to give me 3 more shades from the collection (that are currently on sale, yay!).


Let’s start with Troy, since this one is my least favourite. Not that I don’t appreciate the gold shimmer in a dark metallic grey base – a rather unusual pairing from a mainstream brand. (2 coats)


And now onto the beauties: Ash is so gorgeous! It’s so bright and deep and cosy and christmas-y. <3 And I swear I see some magenta in it too, but maybe I’m just imagining things. (2 coats)


And when I say I like Ash, then I have to say that I LOVE Britta: it’s such a gorgeous berry burgundy/purple with pink and gold shimmer! *_* (2 coats)

And as I already mentioned, they are on sale at Nailland right now. :)

Btw I’ll be showing you quite a few Zoyas in the near future, since I got a box full of beauties from the brand. To be honest I was really surprised to realize that they have so many amazing shades that I didn’t know of. :)

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