Colors by Llarowe – Holiday 2016

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Finally I managed to write this post – I couldn’t wait to show you the Colors by Llarowe Holiday 2016 collection! We have 8 polishes in this release – I welcome the tendency that some brands have fewer shades in their collections lately.

5 Rose Gold Rings

Rose gold became such a popular colour (isn’t it Magical? ;)) that it’s not easy to pick your favourites. 5 Rose Gold Rings effortlessly made it to my Top5, it’s so cute and girly. I applied 3 coats, but you can get away with 2, if you have shorter nails.

Belle de Louvain

One of the stars of this collection – for me at least – is Belle de Louvain, even though I had to apply 3 coats (okay, actually I’m not sure, it might have been 4 coats). But it was worth it, these multichrome flakes look amazing in the purple base.

Carribean Holiday

Can you guess? :):) Carribean Holiday is blue and holo, has a great formula and covers beautifully – so Edina is obviously in love. And also in denial, because some of you might say, that you have seen more exciting blue holos several times. (2 coats)

Wind Chill

Wind Chill is actually much more interesting than on my photos, but I just for the life of me couldn’t catch the purple/turquoise shifting in it. :/ (2 coats)

Twinkling Lights

I was seriously afraid of Twinkling Lights so I put off its applications as long as I could. But my fears were totally unfounded, even though it’s full of microglitters Twinkling Lights applied beautifully and spread evenly. I only needed two coats to get a full coverage and it looked smooth with only one coat of top coat. And it was easy to remove, yay!

Pine Boughs

My other big favourite is Pine Boughs – if every brand launched a pine green holo in every year, I guess I still would be insatisfied, I just love this colour so much. And Pine Boughs has a crazy beautiful, velvety finish which is to die for. *_* And it gloooows! *_* (2 coats)


Let’s just say this about Ornamental: it’s actually on my nails right now. I wanted something glowy and red and voilá, here I am wearing something non-holo and being totally happy. It gets so many compliments, even though everyone around me is used to seeing all kinds of polishes on my nails. And this one still stands out, wow. *_* It’s basically a crelly red with red shimmer – nothing complicated, but such an eyecandy! (2 coats)

Toasty Fires

Another favourite? :) Yes, and I’m not even ashamed. Toasty Fires is just soooo amazing! It’s a burgundy that glows like crazy, it’s incredibly sexy. *_* (2 coats)

Ho, Ho, Ho, It’s Santa LaRowe

Ho, Ho, Ho, It’s Santa LaRowe is not part of the collection – meaning you won’t be able to purchase it on its own. But if you feel like ordering the whole collection – like people usually do #not – then you’ll get it as a gift. I’m really not a big fan of these kind of deals, I rarely order an entire collection.

Luckily, this flakie-shimmer topper is not the most special one you’ll ever see (I applied it on Wind Chill btw). It is pretty, but there’s so many as pretty or even prettier flakie toppers out there. But I know very well how polish-love works, so if you feel that you NEED this one, leave a comment down below, tell me what your all-time favourite holiday polish is and you’ll get a chance to win Ho, Ho, Ho, It’s Santa LaRowe. :)

Here we have the entire collection again (minus Ho, Ho, Ho):

When I first saw these polishes, I wasn’t blown away by them. I even kept saying that it would be a very beautiful China Glaze collection, but for a CbL one, it’s not enough. Then when I started to swatch them and I fell for almost all of them, I quickly changed my mind: I’d totally buy 4 or 5 shades from this collection. Which is weird, since lately I’ve been into polishes that have glitters AND shimmers AND flakies AND everything. But Leah Ann always knew how to make even the plainest polishes amazing with a little something extra. <3

The collection is already available at stockists, like Nailland oHypnotic Polish, the Llarowe website is offline until December – the team takes some much deserved time away until then. :)

Now that I posted every holiday collection I have….oh, wait, no, I still have to show you the Fun Christmas collection….anyways, I’m curios so I’ll ask anyway: which brand’s holiday collection or polish is your favourite this year? :)

And don’t forget to check out Lexa’s post, she even made Wind Chill shift! :)

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  • Ilaria - 2016-11-25 - 14:19

    Lovely collection, but to be honest not my cup of tea: the only ones that appeal to me are Belle de Louvaine, Twinking Lights and Pine Bough…if I wasn’t broke, I’d get those! :P

    My favorite Christmas polish is from the Danish indie maker Foxy Paws and it’s called Step into Christmas: not your standard holyday polish, but I love it!ReplyCancel

    • Ilaria - 2016-11-28 - 07:22

      *holiday – sorry!ReplyCancel

  • Alina - 2016-12-03 - 11:51

    Oh, Belle de Louvain really got me!
    Right now, I’m also totally into Flakies and Shimmer and Holo!
    So Ho, Ho, Ho, It’s Santa LaRowe would be my second choice – it’s not really a christmas polish in my point of view, but as a blue lover it’s still super pretty :)

    My favorite holiday polish is really hard to tell – I think I would go for Nose so Bright by Polished for Days, red base filled with silver flakies! (:ReplyCancel

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