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Let’s continue today with another Different Dimension collection, the holiday one. Yepp, it’s already that time of the year, when everywhere we look, we see holiday and Christmas collections. Not that I’m complaining, I’m a huge Christmas fan. :)

The Homespun Holidays consists of seven polishes: four metallic shades, two bright, christmasy ones and a crazy beautiful glitter topper.


Family is a pale gold linear holo with lots of shimmer. (2 coats)


Rejoice is almost the same in silver, but it has silver flakies too. (2 coats)


Nice is our typical Christmas green with a linear holo finish. (2 coats)


And Naughty is Nice’s bright red counterpart. (2 coats)


Tradition is a very tricky polish, it’s somewhere between peach and nude. And it has some gorgeous shimmer too. (2 coats)


Celebration has a very similar finish, but it’s taupe and has some flakies in it too. (2 coats)


And last, but not least, my absolute favourite is Blizzard. It’s such a breathtaking glitter topper, I was wearing it for 3 days straight. It has silver holo, iridescent blue and matte white glitters in it – I applied it over a black base in one coat.

It sparkles like crazy when sunshine hits it, but even without direct light, it looks super gorgeous with its blue and white glitters. *_*

And here are some pictures of the whole collection:

The Homespun Holidays collection is already available at Different Dimension, and you’ll be able to order them soon from Nailmail too.

They cost $12, except for Blizzard which is only $5!!! *_*

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