Fake dry brush

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Today I’ll show you yet another very simple nail art – though you will need quite a few “ingredients”.

As a base I applied Cirque Don’t Forget The Cannoli – the perfect off-white (not too stark, nor too nude-ish) that I’ve been looking for for ages. It applies beautifully in two coats and has the perfect shade for nail arts that doesn’t really go with snow white.

Lately I’ve been preferring texture-like stampings to figuratives, so the minute I saw the ÜberChic Beauty mini Texture-Licious plate on Hypnotic Polish, I ordered it. For this manicure I used the fake dry brush-like pattern. I dotted three El Corazón Kaleidoscope multichrome stamping polishes (Mysterious Mars, Papilio Machaon és Egyptian Scarabeus) on it, so when I scraped off the excess, they blended into each other beautifully and created this multi-multichrome effect.

I really really liked it on my nails, I didn’t even remove it until it started chipping. :)

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