The Holo Hookup – December 2016

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collage_8Can you believe that it’s been a whole year since we have The Holo Hookup box? Missi, Jill and Sara, the creators of the regular brands of the box, chose the perfect theme for December to celebrate this anniversary: this month’s polishes were inspired by Hollywood Bombshells – the beautiful Grace Kelly, the super sexy Vivien Leigh, the wonderful Audrey Hepburn and the incomparable Mae West.


And to make this anniversary even more special: December’s box will have free US shipping and $5 off of the regular international shipping fee.

Cupcake Polish – Grace

Grace is a very elegant, metallic, dark silver linear holo. (2 coats)

DIFFERENT dimension – Audrey

Audrey is a bright pink linear holo with shimmers and microglitters. (2 coats)

Glisten & Glow – Mae

Mae is a dark grey/almost black linear holo with red/purple shimmer and silver holo glitters. This shade is so amazing! *_* I really really love how Glisten & Glow makes the perfect holos. (2 coats)

Darling Diva – Vivien

Vivien is a burgundy holo with gold shimmer and gold holo sparks. I have never tried Darling Diva polishes before, but Vivien has such a perfect quality, that I can’t wait to get to know this amazing brand better. (2 coats)

My favourites are the dark grey Mae and the burgundy Vivien, I’m pretty sure I’ll be wearing them again and again.

So if you got interested in this month’s box, now here’s your chance to get it a little cheaper. The box will be available for pre-order from November 21 to 28 HERE. And let me congratulate the makers of the box for their work and enthusiasm in the past year, I really hope that they’ll be continuing to prepare these boxes for us for years to come. :)

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