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Let’s continue our Christmas/Holiday extravaganza with the Zoya Enchanted collection. We have six shades and my mixed feelings about them. Mixed, because I just can’t figure out what to do with textured polishes anymore. It must have been over two years without them and I can’t say I missed them. I mean, we had a good run, I had some absolute favourites, but we’ve been over for a very long time and now I mostly remember the inconveniences of this special finish: the gloopy application, the difficult removal, the rough surface that just loves to collect dirt…

…but I have eyes and I do see that they look amazing on the nails. A couple of days ago I even applied Waverly on all of my nails and I was planning to wear it the next day…but half an hour later I caught myself furiously rubbing my nails with a remover soaked cotton pad, because I just couldn’t stand it’s ‘texturedness’ on my nails.

Well, without further ado, let’s see how you like this collection. :) Hint: the best part is at the end. ;)


Saint is a medium blue frost with a slight pink sheen. (3 thin coats)


Alice isalmost the same as Saint, but it has the famous Pixie Dust finish. (2 coats)


Lorna looks so incredible in the blottle! *_* I tried to even out its surface, but even after three coats of top coat it wasn’t smooth, so I gave up. It has a gorgeous burgundy base with magenta glitters. (2 coats)


Waverly is definitely my favourite colour-wise, it’s such an amazing blue! It breaks my heart that I can’t wear it. (2 coats)


Elphie has the perfect colour and the perfect name, it could be easily the best polish for Christmas for someone who enjoys the Pixie Dust finish. :) (2 coats)


And now all is good.

All is good, because this collection has something that I’m totally in love with: Olivera. It’s not a Pixie Dust, but a gorgeous metallic/frost that hase an indigo blue base and some gree/teal/purple multichrome effect going on. So. Freakin’. Beautiful. *_* (2 coats)

So, yes, I only have one polish in this collection that I’m dying for. But who knows, maybe a lot of you love the pixies – I mean, people must like them, if Zoya keeps making them, right? :) I hope it’s exactly the case and you love these polishes even if I am so heartless apparently. :):)

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  • Naildith - 2016-11-30 - 10:24

    I think that this collection is very well put together. But I have to agree with the textured polishes. I used to love them. But now they annoy me whenever I wear them. But oohhh booyy, Olivera is gorgeous *-*such a unique color :)ReplyCancel

    • lakkomlakkom - 2016-12-05 - 13:30

      I was hoping that I’m not alone with these feelings. :D
      And yes, Olivera is a big hit! <3ReplyCancel

  • Raabh - 2016-12-22 - 17:26

    Oh, I love your swatches!
    And I was really glad Zoya decided to bring back the Pixie Dust finish, because it is one of my favorites!
    I may end up buying this entire collection.ReplyCancel

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