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Colour Alike is a brand that I have a hard time to decide what to think of – they don’t have a lot of polishes, but when they have new ones, they are absolutely gorgeous. Their quality is easily one of the most reliable ones and the entire brand is very professional. However they seem not to like social media, they rarely work with bloggers, all in all they just don’t seem to be present enough.

Not that all this could stop me from buying the new Stardust Stories collection so that I can show them to you……and because I’ve been dying for them since I first saw them. :):)

The collection consists of 5 polishes (€8 each, which came as a surprise): 4 jellies with scatter holo flakes and a multichrome with scatter holo flakes. They are very pigmented (they do require 2 coats though) and they have an amazing formula.

Thousand And One Night

The greyish blue Thousand And One Night would be one of my favourites, if I could choose any favourites from this collection. But I can’t, because they all are perfection. <3 It has such a depth and the flakies sparkle like crazy.

Snake Prince

Snake Prince reminds me of Dance Legend Strutter, because it has the same stubborn green shade, that doesn’t let my camera show how deeply beautiful this polish really is. Fortunately Antiii succeeded to take some amazing photos of it, check them HERE. See? I didn’t come even close. :/


Sorcerer is a true multichrome that takes the ‘multi’ part very seriously: we have blues, greens, purple, pinks and teals all day along. And we have a crazy amount of holo flakies too – too much even, I mean for my taste. Sometimes I wish there were less of them, so they’d let the base colour peek throug more.

Dragon’s Heart

Dragon’s Heart is a very impressive magenta-burgundy – it’s so amazing! <3


For my greatest surprise I fell for Willow too, although I’m still not the biggest brown fan. But this one has such an intense and crazy holo effect that I was immediately lost. *_*

All 5 polishes are simply perfection, they are like liquid velvet. I wish this brand got a bigger blogger coverage, so that e v e r y o n e can see how amazing these polishes are. It’s such a nice experience to apply them on the nails, they are so buttery, but in a good sense, they spread on the nails like a dream.

The polishes are available in the brand’s own webshop or at Nailland.

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  • Arathael - 2016-12-14 - 03:44

    Amazing pix and beautiful polish!ReplyCancel

  • Magda / Redhead Nails - 2016-12-15 - 20:44

    well – first of all perfect swatches as always! So good to see “our” Polish brand on your nails :D and about their lack of commitment in social media and cooperation – sad but true! so big and such waisted potential :( I even talked about that to their manager once, but as I can see – not much changed…ReplyCancel

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