F.U.N. Lacquer – New Year 2017 collection

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The end of the year wouldn’t be the same without a F.U.N. Lacquer New Year collection, would it? :) This time though we don’t get the usual bling-bling shades, still I doubt that you’d be disappointed. We have 6 polishes with a very wide colour selection. Let’s see them.


Tiara is a baby pink with a slight scatter holo effect. Not my type of colour, but pretty. (2 coats)

Just Dance

Just Dance is a gorgeous jelly red with red and pink shimmer and scatter holo flakes. I really enjoyed wearing this one, it’s just the perfect amount of sparkle for me. (2 coats)

Magic Stone

Magic Stone is a lighter aqua blue with scatter holo flakes. Its finish is very piCture pOlish-esque, but maybe a little less jelly. (2 coats)

Happy Place

Happy Place is a teal green jelly with square copper, green and lime holo glitters – I love it so much! I’ve been a sucker for square glitters lately so this polish was love as soon as I applied it. (2 coats)

Unicorn Island

Unicorn Island is another jelly with square blue, pink and purple glitters, but this time it’s a medium purple. It covered surprisingly well with only 2 coats.

Evening Gown

And finally we can witness the comeback of the legendary Evening Gown! This polish was quite popular back in its days, so I’m very happy that F.U.N. Lacquer decided to bring it back. <3 It’s a very deep purple with gorgeous linear holo. (2 coats)

And here we have one coat of Unicorn Island over Evening Gown:


I actually really like this collection even though I wasn’t immediately swept off of my feet when I first saw the new shades. I almost thought that they look somewhat boring – I was obviously counting on getting some serious bling-bling, since the brand usually floods us with glitters around New Year’s. Then I started to swatch them and I really really enjoyed these shades. Okay, not the pink one – but you all know that I’m just not a pink person. However all the other shades are really exciting! Okay, I admit, I’m pretty biased with Evening Gown – we have a history together and our love is real – but the other four jelly shades with the flakies and the awesome glitters – they just got to me, I love them. <3

Don’t forget though that my nails are very short here, so for the jellies you’d probably need 3 coats if you have longer longer nails.

The collection will be available from December 31st (Saturday 11pm Singapore Time) at F.U.N. Lacquer and at stockists.

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  • Hanna - 2016-12-21 - 09:30

    Wow, Evening Gown is just stunning! Beautiful swatches Edina :DReplyCancel

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