New piCture pOlish shades

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Nope, it’s not over yet: we have some new piCture pOlish Christmas shades too to choose from! :)

Holo Berries

Holo Berries is a red jelly filled with scatter holo flakes and holo glitters. It covers in two coats even on long nails.

This comparison pic made me fall for Bridget and Ruby/Columbia again. *_*


Holo Night

Holo Night will be very popular for those who love flakes: we have the usual PP scatter holo and some gorgeous miltichrome flakes in a dark, charcoal grey jelly base. (2 coats)


Holo Star

I have to say, I was super surprised when I first saw Holo Star, because I have never thought that PP would ever put star glitters in one of their polishes. So consequently I don’t like Holo Star because of its stars, but despite of them. Because now we have what we didn’t really get when Holo On Top! launched (it was just too densly packed with flakies): The Perfect Holo Topper (with additional stars). *_* Since the stars do require some fishing, this polish can be easily used as a scatter holo topper – and those who like the stars, well, you have them too. :)

I think all three polishes will be loved – but not necessarily ny the same people, since they’re so different. My favourite is definitely Bridget Holo Star. :):)

The polishes are already available at piCture pOlish, and at stockists, like Nailland.

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