Snowflakes, snowflakes, snowflakes

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Woohoo, my time has finally come, it’s Christmas time, baby! :):) Let’s celebrate with some snowflake manicures that you’ve probably already seen on Instagram, but now here are some how tos too.

When I first started to play with snowflakes this year, I obviously went for my favourite shades: blue and green. As a base I applied F.U.N. Lacquer Blue Christmas, I added some Northern Lights glitters, then I stamped it with the snowflakes of the Moyra Winter Is Coming plate and Mundo de Unas Grinch.

_mg_8771 _mg_8782

Next time I decided to do something more feminine: I applied Delush Polish Poisoned Vine as a base, then I stamped it with the snowflakes on the Creative Shop 29 plate and two Colour Alike duochrome stamping polish: Venus and Mars. First I stamped some snoflake bits here and there on my nails with Venus, then I repeated it with Mars. This double-duochrome effect looked amazing. *_*

Then came the classic Christmas colours: red and green. My base was piCture pOlish Holo Berries, then some green snowflakes with the Moyou Festive 03 plate. And then came the trick: I grabbed a detail brush and 3-4 green stamping polishes and I turned the snowflakes into pine branches.

I’d say that this was it, but it would only be true concerning this post, since I’m pretty sure I’ll be doing lots of other snowflake manicures in the next two months. :)

I wish you all Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays, thank you so much for being here with me in 2016 too! <3

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