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Lately every Different Dimension release was like a celebration with all those fun polishes, so I’m always excited when I start to open the boxes I get from Missi. This time I found loads and loads of sparkle in the cute round bottles. We have 3 holo microglitters and 3 flakie holos – and an insane amount of bling-bling. :)

Always Wish Upon A Star

Always Wish Upon A Star is a full of pink holo and irridescent red/green microglitters. I applied one coat on my nails, then I sponged the second layer on it. Application is not easy-breezy, but it’s doable. I used two coats of top coat, but it still felt a bit gritty.

I’m not a fan of textured nails, so I’m not sure I’d reach for this polish often, but it did look amazing, once on the nails.

Dream Impossible Dreams

Dream Impossible Dreams has the same finish, but this time the microglitters are lavender. Application was the same too.

Slay Your Own Dragons

Slay Your Own Dragons is our third shade of the same finish with turquoise microglitters and the same red/green shifting glitters. This is my favourite of the three, I really liked how the turquoise base and the shifting glitters complimented each other.

Once Upon A Time

Let’s talk about some not-so-high-maintenance polishes now. Once Upon A Time is a pink holo with gold shine and holo microflakies. It looks incredibly gorgeous, it shines and sparkles and it was soooo easy to apply. (2 coats)

Never Too Old For Fairytales

Never Too Old For Fairytales has the same finish, but it’s lavender-gold. (2 coats)

The Best Is Yet To Come

The Best Is Yet To Come is obviously my favourite: it’s blue, it’s holo, it has flakies and it sparkles like crazy. (2 coats)

So if you’re in need of some crazy amount of bling-bling, then you found your dream collection. The three microglitter polishes look incredible on the nails, so if you have the patience for them, then you’re good to go. And if you’re more like me (aka the lazyer type), then go for the holo-flakies: they glide on the nails like a dream and look absolutely cute.

The collection will be available from today at Different Dimension.

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