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As a couple of times before, F.U.N. Lacquer is back again with another blogger collaboration collection. *_* This time it was Rafinails who created six super gorgeous shades. We have 4 holos and two jelly + holo flakies and I’m in love with the biggest part of the collection – no wonder since it’s mostly blues and greens. :)


Let’s start with the most feminine shade of the bunch: Splendor is a bright red holo that glows like crazy. (2 coats)

You can clearly see that Splendor is more orange-y than Sveta Sanders’ Powerful:



Since indie polishes convinced me that brown is a gorgeous nail polish colour, Cinnamon had it easy with me: I love it. It has a very nice formula, it glides on the nails effortlessly. (2 coats)


Flora was kind of a surprise for me, it seemed much more spring-y than the other part of the collection – but hey, why not, am I right? :) And it’s such a exciting and rare shade of green. (2 coats)


Profound is the last “just holo” of the collection. It’s the classic yet rare teal, that can be green and blue at the same time. (2 coats)


Obviously I was very intrigued when I saw Inspiration – this blue is to die for. It has a finish that is new to F.U.N. Lacquer which is a jelly with silver holo flakies. And it has a metallic sheen too, which makes the polish very special. (3 thin coats)


Paragon is the same, but in a forest green. It may be even more beautiful than Inspiration, the deepness of its shade compliments the jelly finish so perfectly. *_* (3 thin coats)

And here are some “group shots”:

I have to say that I’m pretty blown away by this collection. It started when I first saw the dark blue holo boxes *_* and my love grew stronger with every shade I found in those gorgeous boxes. <3

The collection will be available from February 4th at F.U.N. Lacquer and at stockists.

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  • E-S - 2017-01-31 - 09:59

    Splendor and Inspiration are the prettiest in the bunch, but c’moon I’ve just bought Powerful, Red-nosed Reindeer and Blue Christmas in the same colours and haven’t even had the time to use them all and they’re launching again… O_oReplyCancel

  • ule - 2017-02-21 - 11:34

    Profound is gorgeous. Inspiration looks great in photos, but I doubt I would like the finish on my nails.ReplyCancel

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