Nailmail x Moo Moo Signatures – Untouchable Mermaid & Fairy Lake

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Last week I shared with you my new collab shade, Space Pirate (yay! ^^), but it wasn’t the only polish that Nailmail and Moo Moo Signatures launched that time. So today let me show you the two other collabs: Lexa’s and Madlen’s.

Untouchable Mermaid

Untouchable Mermaid is so Lexa that we could tell it even if we knew nothing about this collaboration. It has a muted teal base with purple and red glitters and green multichrome flakies. It’s an unexpected color combo, but I like it very much. I applied 3 thin coats to reach perfect coverage and I only needed one coat of top coat to even out the surface. My favourites are the flakies in it, but again, no surprise there. :)

Fairy Lake

I applied Fairy Lake following Madlen’s tip to use a base colour under it. (Since Fairy Lake has a jelly finish, it would require 3 coats on its own.) My base was Painted Polish Woodland Whimsey 2.0, which is an amazing and VERY pigmented deep green, that covers in one(!) coat:


Actually you might be interested in these one-coater Painted Polish cremes, I only have two for now (this one and a black that is the most perfect black ever), but they are SO good, life got so much easier since I have them. There were times in my life when I thought I found the perfect cremes, but oh boy was I wrong, because nothing compares to these. *_*

But back to Madlen’s magical Moo Moo: so I opted to sacrifice the jelly finish, but I stilll had the fun part – the glitters. There are smaller holo glitters and larger circle ones and we also have some green metallic shards that spread evenly on the nails and fill out the parts that doesn’t get glitters. I applied one coat over my creme base and I didn’t have to work the glitters at all, they wanted to be on the nails. :) I really really like how despite of the circle glitters this polish stays very vampy (if a green polish can be vampy).

Actually I do regret that I was lazy and I didn’t apply it on its own in 3 coats, because I saw how it looked on Madlen’s nails in real life and now I see that that jelly effect makes it even more beautiful. Next time I’ll totally try it the “original” way.

I know – and you know as well – that I’m completely biased when it comes to these two girls (or to Nailmail or to Mei Mei who is a sweetheart), so of course I love both polishes very much. But if I try to stay objective only for a minute, then I’ll still have to say that these polishes are very special and unique.

The polishes are available at Nailmail. :)

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  • ule - 2017-02-21 - 11:31

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