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Today let’s talk about the other ILNP collection of this spring: the Color Kissed Ultra Holos. These polishes all have a base full with silver holo microflakes, but each of them has an iridescent, colour shifting overlay too. Due to the irridescence and the subtlety of the overlay colors these polishes sometimes look the same, sometimes look completely different.

They’re not easy to photograph: I first tried to shoot them with my usual setup, hence with lamps, but the strong light accentuated the holo base so much, that the irridescence was barely visible. So I re-shoot them in natural lights too. I’ll show you the pics of both session though, so that you can see every aspect of them.

Since the polishes are quite sheer, I applied all of them in 3 coats.

Chit Chat

Chit Chat has a purple to pink iredescence .

Easy Street

Easy Street has teal, blue and purple hues in it.

Full Moon

Full Moon is more on the purple side.


Rosewater is a gorgeous pink-peach.

Spring Bouquet

Spring Bouquet has some green/pink irridescence.

Sunday Brunch

Sunday Brunch is a beautiful gold with some yellow and orange.

+ The Magician

And finally we have the first ever limited edition ILNP shade, The Magician, a gold-orange-burgundy-green colour shifting topper layered in one coat over black. If you love it, grab it while you can!

All of the six Color Kissed shades can be layered over black too, but I didn’t like how the first one I tried didn’t spread evenly in one coat so I decided to skip it.

On a personal note, it’s not easy to tell if I like these polishes or not. I first thought that they look all the same, but while wearing them I realized that I can easily tell them apart. The iridescence in them looks beautiful when natural light hits them and they are crazy holographic in artificial light. They look a lot better in real life than on pics, to be honest. It’s a very new concept in polishes, I’ve never seen anything like that before. Those who love bold colours and a strong pigmentation won’t necesseraly like this collection, but those who like a subtle sheen of colour in an otherwise under-saturated polish and still have the crazy holo effect, well for you this collection is a gold mine. :)

You can pre-order the polishes at ILNP, and stockists like Nailland or Hypnotic Polish.

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