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So I’ve been crazy sick with sinus infection the past few weeks and that took its toll on my blogging too. But I just realised that we haven’t talked about piCture pOlish Free so far, so let’s just do it now. :)

Free is just amazing. It’s a true multichrome teal polish meaning that it does look either blue or green from different angles. It has a beautiful gold glow and the magical holo scatter flakies that PP does so perfectly. Free is actually one of my most wet nail polish dreams come true. :D And I’m sure I’m not alone with this. :)

It covers in 2 easy coats – you know the drill: the usual PP jelly-scatter holo perfection. <3

pp_free_2 pp_free_3

And here’s the usual comparison shot: on my middle and little finger we have Free, on my index is Story and on my ring finger it’s Dragonfly.


And now some rant:

When I first saw that the title of this polish says “the best piCture pOlish is free” I immediately thought that PP plans to launch this polish differently than anything else before. Then I kinda missed the official launch so I only joined the party when I saw the first few negative comments about the “specialness” of this polish. Because originally you could only get Free if you placed an order on the PP website over 99 Australian dollars. Fortunately that was changed after the major uproar of the customers, so now you can order it HERE, and soon at stockists. Yay. :)

But that made me think about how often indie brands launch polishes under very strict circumstances lately: we have store exclusive polishes, we have polishes with extremely high shipping costs, we have polishes that are only available for a limited time or/and in a limited quantity. And obviously these polishes always look phenomenal.

And that’s quite unnerving if you ask me. It’s like brands think that they should make their polishes “hard to get” so that we want to get them. I understand that there are more and more amazing indie brands by the day, so it’s not easy to always create the most unique polishes and that the demand doesn’t grow as fast as the supply. And that we who have been polish addicts for the last few years have now a very high stimulus threshold when it comes to new polish shades. I do understand all these. But this does not mean that we’ll do anything for a polish that is amazing, but super hard to get.

I confess I also made an awful lot of compromises with myself when ordering some unreasonably expensive “must haves” in the past, but that can’t go on forever. When almost everywhere I turn I see limited polishes, I just loose my interest rather than start to buy e v e r y t h i n g.

And I do realise that it’s me, Edina, talking who has been painting her nails joyfully for 3-4 weeks now with Free. And who gets a lot of these above described polishes for free and in advance, but even I can see how frustrating this is getting.

And I don’t say that every indie brand who does this should just quit and be ashamed, no. They obviously have the right to do this. I just think that there should be a golden path where everyone is happy. And I obviously don’t know the solution, but maybe we should start to think together, maybe we’ll figure out something.

So what do you think about all this? What should we do? What should brands do? Or am I alone in all this? :D

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  • Chrissy - 2017-03-28 - 22:53

    I’m happy you’re back and healthy again! :D And I’m totally with you, but as long as the brands make their profit out of strictly limited things and see that it works I don’t think they’d stop or at least reduce doing this :/


    • lakkomlakkom - 2017-03-29 - 11:00

      Thank you, Chrissy, it feels so good to be back. :)
      Yes, I realise that they depend on profit, but this whole indie nail polish society used to be like a big family, I just hope that it won’t change. :)ReplyCancel

  • mariamarvel - 2017-04-02 - 21:17

    So agree with you. I think limited editions and store exclusive are ok up to a certain point. I can understand limited collections which are available during a season or two and then get retired, or store exclusives which are a bit difficult to get but permanent. But some brands take it too far, like Enchanted Polish. They’re beautiful but I still don’t own a single one, because their methods are just too much stress for me.ReplyCancel

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