Powder Perfect – Camelot collection

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Today let’s talk about a gorgeous new Powder Perfect collection….that will probably remind a lot of you of A-England. Not only because of the silver cap or the Arthur legend theme, but because the quality of the polishes is just as amazing as Adina’s gems’ We have five shades and I only had a tiny problem with one of them.


Let me show you the not-so-good shade first: Excalibur is a dark grey holo with slightly gritty holo particles. The brand says that it can be worn as a textured polish, but I don’t think it’s as grainy. It leveled out nicely after one coat of top coat though – which was a nice surprise. (2 coats)


Let’s continue with the amazing shades, first off: Guinevere. It’s an eggplant purple holo with some gold flecks, it has a wonderful pigmentation, could easily cover in one single coat, but I applied two.

King Arthur

King Arthur is a slightly purple royal blue with some delicate holo. It has an amazing pigmentation and a killer shade. *_* (2 coats)


Lancelot is the Péridot of the collection. This legendary Chanel shade (a bronze gold to green shifting duochrome) has been coming back more frequently lately, but this time with holo. Since I have a soft spot for this colour in my heart, I can only welcome it back – obviously I can’t say anymore that it’s unique (since almost every brand has a dupe for it), but it’s still very special. (2 coats)

Morgan Le Fay

And finally we have the new AE Briarwood, but this time it’s called: Morgan Le Fay It’s a deep russet maroon with dancing holo particles. <3 (2 coats)

The best thing about these polishes is that they’re SO pigmented, that they’re perfect for stamping. And who wouldn’t want to stamp with these amazing shades? *_* Even I can’t wait to do something with them and it’s been a while since I touched a stamper. :)

The polishes are available at the Powder Perfect webshop and at stockists.

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