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Today let’s check out the Cirque Colors Kawaii collection with its 10 new shades. I’ll start with the pinks, then we’ll continue with the blues and the purples and we’ll finsih with the metallics. But first let’s talk some about the design change the brand has gone through, because – as I see it in social media – it’s a topic that’s quite sensitive for a lot of people.

So they changed the box from black to cream which I’m actually really happy about, because I don’t like that almost every brand has black boxes (although I think the perfect solution would be no boxes at all for environmental reasons).  And they changed the print on the bottles as well – honestly I couldn’t care less: until I like the nail polish itself and the brush is ok, brands can go for any desing they desire and it will be fine by me. :)


So let’s continue with the colours, shall we.

Killer Kitsch

Killer Kitsch is a hot reddish pink with a quite sophisticated touch: the warmer base has a colder sheen to it that makes the polish quite exciting. (2 coats)

Crystal Tokyo (LE)

Crystal Tokyo is topper with iridescent glitters in a very light pink base. I applied one coat over Killer Kitsch. To be honest – although I like anything iridescent, it’s not my cup of tea.

Lolly Lips (LE)

Lolly Lips is one of my favourites from this collection. Its finish reminds me of the Facets collection, but this time the base is a little bit more pigmented. It has a bright raspberry jelly base with silver holo flakies. (2 coats)

Memedom (LE)

Memedom is a medium blue with some holo and a pretty gold flash. The brand says it’s a turquoise, but it looks stubbornly blue on me. :/ (2 coats)

Star Child (LE)

Star Child is like Crystal Tokyo but the iridescent glitters are now in a blue base. I applied one coat over Memedom. (2 coats)


Vaporwave is a brighter, fuller blue with holo and pink shimmer. (2 coats)

Happy Monday (LE)

Happy Monday has the same finish, but the base is violet and the flash is blue. (2 coats)

QT Kitty (LE)

And now let’s fall in love with my absolute favourite of the bunch: QT Kitty – an amazing amethyst purple jelly with silver holo flakes. *_* If you missed a purple form the Facets collection back in October, then your time has finally come! It’s so beautiful that I was wearing it for 2 days then I removed it…..and then reapplied again. That almost n e v e r happens. <3 (2 coats)


We have a silver holo foil in the collection too: Shiny actually looks way better in real life than in pictures. (2 coats)

24K Affair

24K Affair is the gold version of Shiny – this yellow-y gold has become a big trend lately in nail polish world. (2 coats)

Six polishes out of the ten are limited editions and although I have no idea why exactly the other 4 shades will be the permanent, don’t forget that the LE shades won’t be there forever!

I have very mixed feelings about this collection: on one hand I l o v e the brand and I adore its owner, Annie, but on the other hand most of these polishes weren’t really for my taste. I mean I LOVE QT Kitty and Lolly Lips is gorgeous too, but the other ones didn’t really touch my heart this time.

How do you feel about them? Do you like the new shades or did you just scroll through the post and fall for nothing?

Btw if you liked any of them, there’s a pre-order going on at Nailland! :) And don’t forget to check out Metka’s swatches (here and here) too!

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  • Naildith - 2017-05-01 - 09:13

    I don’t like the new design, to be honest. But you’re right:It doesn’t really matter as long as the polishes are beautiful. Sadly the only polish that really stands out to me is QT Kitty.ReplyCancel

    • lakkomlakkom - 2017-05-11 - 13:52

      Yes, sadly this collection doesn’t really has what it takes. :/ But I’m happy we understand on the design. :)ReplyCancel

  • Lacquered Bits - 2017-05-02 - 09:53

    Thank you Edina for the mention <3

    And your swatches are as beautiful as always <3ReplyCancel

    • lakkomlakkom - 2017-05-11 - 13:53

      I’m always amazed by your work, so it’s only fitting that I mention you. <3ReplyCancel

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