Colors by Llarowe – Spring/Summer 2017

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This spring’s Colors by Llarowe collection was a little bit late, so it became the summer collection as well. We have 7 shades that aren’t typically spring-y (if we associate spring we pastels), there are some summery shades, but most of them will be perfect for fall and winter too.


Radioactive is a super bright neon green with intense gold/chartreuse shimmer. It’s so neon, it almost hurts the eyes. :) Unfotunately I needed 4 coats for an okay coverage.

Dream Big

Dream Big is an indigo purple creme with pink/gold shimmer.  I usually don’t like pink shimmer in anything, but this purple rocks this sheen. (2 coats)

The Bluest Eyes In Texas

The Bluest Eyes In Texas is a bright milky turquoise blue creme with gold shimmer and some tiny darker specks that I don’t really understand (maybe they’re only in my bottle). This polish was inspired by Leah Ann’s sister’s eyes – it must be amazing to have such bright blue eyes though! *_* (2 coats)

She Sells Sea Shells

She Sells Sea Shells is a bright corally pink holo with some pink shimmer. Even though this shade sounds simple, it looks SO incredibly gorgeous! Just imagine that one day in the office I had 2 teals and this polish in my bag and I totally went for this beauty. Now this is how beautiful this polish looks. <3 (2 coats)

You’re A Little Firecracker

You’re A Little Firecracker is a bright and still deep fuchsia red holo with a purple/blue shift and some metallic-ness to it. It’s so SO beautiful, I can’t even handle it. *_*

The Deep End

The Deep End is a teal multichrome that shifts from teal to green to blue to purple. I would be in love with it, if it weren’t for…

The Deep End Holo

….if it weren’t for The Deep End Holo. And this one is obviously even more beautiful for my eyes. *_* This polish is SO amazing, it’s just perfection. It has my fave colours, it’s multichrome, it’s holo, it’s e v e r y t h i n g. *_* *_* *_* Actually it reminds me a bit of Enchanted Polish’s legendary Neptune (created by the super talented iparallaxe Mélanie) which is my all time favourite ever nail polish. (2 coats)

The polishes will be available at Llarowel from May 1st, but they are already in stock at Nailland oHypnotic Polish!!!!

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