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It was not that long ago that we were all surprised by how Colour Alike raised their prices, today let’s take a look at one of their latest collections, Butterfly Lovers, to see if they upped their nail polish game too. We have 4 jellies with holo flakies and 2 multichrome flakie toppers.

Without You

Without You is a beige-y nude I really enjoyed wearing….I don’t know you guys, I guess i’m getting old. (2 coats)

Holy Sin

Holy Sin is a bright pinky red with such an intense glow! It must have caught me in a weeker moment or I don’t know, but I loved it SO much too. (2 coats)

Butterfly Dance

Butterfly Dance is a deeper, bright purple. Looks like molten amethyst on the nails. (2 coats) (Yeah, I know that you can’t really melt minerals. :D)

In Your Eyes

In Your Eyes is a that type of medium blue you can use all year around. (2 coats)

All Of Me

All Of Me is a multichrome flakie topper with some holo pigments. The flakies shift from pink to purple to blue to green. I applied it over a black base and I only needed one coat to get enough flakies – for my taste. I applied a matte top coat over it on a pic, so that you can see the shift better.

One Love

One Love is the other multichrme flakie topper, but this time the flakies shift from yellow/gold and orange/copper to pink and purple.

After having tried all 6 polishes, I can’t say a bad thing about their quality, they all are top notch polishes. I wish they’d still sell them on the lower price, but I have to say that these polishes live up to the higher price tag.

My favourits are the nude and the red (yeah I know!) and the blue-green-purple flakie – because I can never get enough of flakies. :)

You can buy the polishes at the Colour Alike webshop, or at stockists like Nailland.


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  • Nail Crazinesss - 2017-04-25 - 09:18

    I also regret that their prices are quite high :/ In the past I used to buy a whole collections and now I’m buying only single chosen bottles (if I buy at all). But I must say that Butterfly Lovers is very beautiful. Holy Sin and All Of Me are my fav too:)ReplyCancel

    • lakkomlakkom - 2017-04-25 - 14:37

      It’s the same with me. I mean luckily now I get them as PR, but for years I’ve been buying entire collections – that I wouldn’t do today. :/ReplyCancel

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