My Masura faves from Polish Molish

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I had the chance once again to choose some Masura polishes from the Polish Molish webshop, so today let’s see how very good I am in choosing. :):)

Lime Fountain

Lime Fountain was such an obvious choice, I always appreciate a gorgeous lime green. <3 It’s opacity isn’t the best, I needed 3 coats for the coverage you see on the pictures, but I didn’t mind it, since it looks amazing.

lime_fountain_1 lime_fountain_2

Rainbow Over The Waterfalls

Light blues are my other sweethearts, so Rainbow Over The Waterfalls and I spent two beautiful days together. :) (3 coats)

rainbow_over_the_waterfalls_2 rainbow_over_the_waterfalls_1

Shooting Stars

When you see a dark blue polish on my blog/on my nails, you don’t really need any kind of explanation anymore, do you? :) Shooting Stars is another love of mine, it’s just so gorgeous. *_* (2 coats)

shooting_stars_1 shooting_stars_2

Potter’s Clay

I barely use matte polishes, but when I saw Potter’s Clay, my heart started to race in my chest. It has a true red clay colour, which is SO rare. *_* (2 coats)


So Masura can still make pretty amazing polishes (no surprise here <3). Gorgeous colours, exciting finishes and a very good quality. I just hipe that they will never stop. :)

The polishesare available at any Masura distributor, but purchase them at Polish Molish, because they are so nice people. :):)

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