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I’ve had these What’s Up Nails powders for a few weeks now, but I was afraid to try them, since I thought I needed to use gel polish for the perfect outcome and I usually dread using gel polishes. As it turns out, they work just as well with regular polish too, so yay. :)

Paradise Powder

Actually this powder was so easy to use that I almost can’t believe it.

  1. First I applied one coat of Cirque Colors – Memento Mori on my nails,
  2. I waited a few secs – just enough time so that I can clean up the edges at the cuticles,
  3. then I dipped a fingertip into the powder, grabbed some of it and started to smear and buff it onto the nails,
  4. I removed the excess with a fan brush and
  5. I applied a water based top coat by Essence.

Btw you only need the tiniest bit of the powder for each nail, so you’ll be able to use the full jar for quite a few manicures.

I really REALLY liked how it looked, it was so multichrome-y! I was wearing it as long as I could – which was approximately 2 days, that was when the powder started to wear off the tips. (I guess this is where the gel polish version could have performed much better.)

Holographic Powder

The other powder I got is their holographic one – it was a bit more difficult to apply. I did everything the same, but for some reason it didn’t want to cling to the very tips of my nails. I tried to do it several times, but there were always some black spots peeking through.

Nonetheless I liked it too and well, it’s just SO holo. *_*

_MG_2214 _MG_2209

I forgot to check the prices before writing the review, so I just realised that these powders are quite expensive. The multichrome powders retail for around 22 USD and the holo one is for almost 39 USD. Well, that’s a lot. o_O To be honest I’d totally splurge on the multichromes, but I’m not so sure that applies to the holo powder as well.

But I was happy to see that a) these powders do look incredible on the nails and b) they are SO easy to use! :)

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  • Nail Crazinesss - 2017-04-26 - 14:27

    It’s good to know that this powders work on traditional nail polishes too :)ReplyCancel

    • lakkomlakkom - 2017-04-28 - 11:41

      That was the greatest news for me to! :)ReplyCancel

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